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Men care

Certified Natural Cosmeticsmade in GermanyBeard care products from Berlin. Certified according to natural cosmetics standards. Manufactured to a large extent by hand.

French brand of handcrafted products for men since 2012.The products do not have an "organic" label or certification but since their creation they have committed to using only ingredients from organic farming or of natural origin when the organic quality of the ingredient is not acceptable or does not exist.They favor ingredients of local, French or European production as much as possible: vegetable oils of rapeseed, sunflower, olive, camelina, hemp, plum, hazelnut, oily macerates of marigold and St. John's wort; essential oils and hydrolates from Provence: lavender, black pine, rosemary, fine lavender, green clay from Velay, IPA beer from Deck & Donohue, honey from Ile-de-France...All products are guaranteed without palm oil or palm oil derivatives, without parabens, silicones, paraffin, PEG and EDTA, without dyes or synthetic fragrances and without GMOs.

Goldie offers a line of plant-based creams, ointments and sprays that are free from dyes and harsh chemicals. All Goldie products are made with natural ingredients and are designed to lock in moisture rather than wick it away. Made with care, these products are gentle on your hair and scalp and are much less likely to cause irritation. Goldie doesn't stop there when it comes to doing good for your hair and the planet. The entire product line comes in recyclable packaging and is sustainably produced.

Holistic care

Ofa Karri is a brand of natural and organic remedies made with essential oils. Discover Ofa Karri's collections and our must-haves for women and men: to fight against stress, boost your energy, improve your sleep, strengthen your immunity, accompany your sports practice, or reveal your sensuality.

Farm to Skin, Holistic Beauty. Rooted in herbalism & Plant Intelligence.
Made with soul, patience and the age-old wisdom of plants at our London apothecary from whole plants. 

Herbowski: Hands & Body Cleansing Bars, Natural Plant Oils for healthy skin and hair. Raw, botanical bath and body products inspired by Slavic bathhouse.


Wunder Workshop creates products for people and the planet. It focuses on Eating with Purpose®, harvesting the power of regeneratively grown plants for the ultimate wellness rituals. Meraviglia translates to miracle and they focus on plants that have a quality that can be classified as such.

Small family business. Tea makers from Paris. Their goal is the exaltation of 100% organic and sustainable taste. Their vision is to stimulate your 5 senses and your creativity by pouring passion into your cups!


Botivo is hand-blended in small batches at Lannock Farm, Hertfordshire over 1 year from start to long, bittersweet finish. A powerful combination of five raw ingredients infuse on a backdrop of aged British apple cider vinegar, balanced with organic wildflower honey.

Archibald is a French-made tonic that stands out for being made exclusively from French products. Crafted in distillery. Quinine free and organic..


The experience of the fumigation ritual: A bouquet of magical plants with a wild and singular scent to be consumed slowly. A gift that feels good, smells good and is beautiful. In a process of coherence and general harmony, they choose plants from those that surround us, which are part of our culture and our ecosystem.
So instead of bringing white sage from California, they choose medicinal sage from our gardens. Likewise, instead of Palo Santo imported from Peru, they offer fig wood from the south of France.

Studio Timmerman Ceramics - Handmade and hand thrown in Rotterdam.
"As a former graphic designer I started making ceramics to work more with my hands instead of just sitting behind my computer all day long. This hobby soon became a full time job. All my creations are fully handcrafted in my studio in Rotterdam and are individually sanded, glazed and fired to perfection.
​Because of this, no two items are identical."

Publishing books to encourage and inspire.


Independant travel books to live a week like a local Helping local economies. Bilingual in English and French Film photography.